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IT Managed Services

Data Backup

Disaster Recovery

Data Line Installation

Voice Systems

Door Access Control

Security Systems

Sound Masking

Audio Visual Installation

We are a technology company that manages businesses entire IT operations.  We also contract with building contractors, architects, landlords, and business owners for installation of data and voice lines, as well as the other services listed.  

We depend on professionals like yourself to generate leads for us, so we offer referral fees for installation projects and recurring monthly fees for clients referred to us that utilize our managed services.  

Please visit our website to get to know us even better and feel free to contact us with any questions. If interested in partnering with us, details are below.  

Because we know your clients trust you. 

We want you to trust us.  

We speak Technology.


You Speak Real Estate.


So, let's talk networking.


How our referral program works..


Managed Services Referral - 5% per month (recurring)

A typical managed services client with 20 desktops will contract with SFB for $1000 per month 

Referral fee paid = $ 50.00 per month (paid out for as long as they are a client of SFB Technology)

No caps on how many clients or amount we pay out per client 

Construction/Installation Referral - 2% total contract cost

A typical managed services client will contract with SFB for $30k, but many are over $100k (depending on design) 


Average referral fee paid = $600.00 to $3,000.00

As a Real Estate Professional, you get to know a clients infrastructure needs more than anyone.  Once you find the perfect location for a client or lease space to a tenant, technology responsibilities then fall somewhere between the contractor, landlord, and owner.  You are the one sorting this out more often than not.  That's why we feel it is important to network with you.  We can work with you, the landlord, contractor and/or the business owner to meet their needs and budget to help close your deal.  We can even do a payment plan to help businesses absorb expansion cost over time.  We love small businesses and like to help them grow, because we get to grow with them.


Our services range from designing their entire IT networking infrastructure (cabling, configuration, & setup) to user training and daily management of their systems.  We can even provide hardware (desktops, servers, etc) at a monthly rate, if needed.  Our goal is to keep projects and clients in line with their budget.  


SFB Technology is unique in the IT industry because we understand every aspect of the buildout and remodel process and can not only ensure all technology needs are met, but also help all parties navigate the entire process.  Our services are competitive and our clients typically save 30% over our competitors.  So, we are not asking your clients to pay more, just expect more when referred by you.  

Please let us know if you are interested in networking.                         We look forward to hearing from you. 

If you are a broker, please let us know if you would like SFB Technology to conduct a free training seminar on new technology trends for your agents.  We include tips on what businesses today are requiring to meet their technology needs, what to look for in building structures, typical costs associated with cabling, restructuring, voice systems, advantages of the cloud, and best practices for server room locations & design.  

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